Friday, February 20, 2009

Vehicle Mileage Tax

The federal government is proposing a VMT tax or a tax on the distance you drive your car or truck, and the bigger the vehicle the more they tax you. The problem here is they will simply change the name of a gas tax to a "Global Warming Fee" while they then begin incrementing this new way of taxing you using a GPS system that is mandated installed on your vehicle. If this seems familiar, just consider it has not fared well with Oregon drivers, a liberal bastion state that leans toward Marxism during elections and has now implemented this Pandora's idea for drivers. I mean, where is the old America, the one where you had the freedom to roam? Do you realize this technology will be used by a mistrustful government to track you and eventually perhaps imprison you if the government in its infinite wisdoms decides that you broke its infinite laws against your original constitutional freedoms? Yes, this would allow the federal government to charge you a tax based on your vehicle movement. What's next, a bicycle movement gps tax and then a micro chip mandatoraly implanted in everyone to tax them how far they walk? Will they tax you on every breath you take based on your movement and weight? I mean, after all, where does the endless and oft rediculous taxations stop?

The VMT is a grand intrusion that will kill commerce. Just imagine delivery services who already pay city, county, state and federal businesses taxes, taxed by the mile. Want a few of them, alright...Truckers, Trains, Airlines (there's a big one on international flight), Pizza Delivery people, any delivery people, Service people who have to get to a job and finally people already taxed federally on their having to get to work. Does that then mean we are paying a tax on tax, taxed just to work when we already pay income tax.

The free market already taxes us on the gas usage, and there are multiple taxes there, which could be tax on tax from state to federal tax and in some cases city tax fees on gasoline or diesel. The old system works fine, so why are they saying we need this tax? To fix the road and bridges infrastructure which is decaying, and where is the monies for that? They don't have it anymore, because they are paying for illegals and pissing the monies away to countries who hate us and flip us off, instead of reinvesting it in the country here for the people. The VMT tax is highway robbery and nothing short of it, in fact it is a first step to halting your freedom to movement and picking your pockets clean. People are already struggling with gas taxes plus potholes that damage their cars. This is a horrible idea and any policitican that supports it should be kicked out of office through mass recalls and their party with them.